SM 067 Max Power 12inch Bergauf

Max_Power_12inch_Bergauf New record of this powerful and melodic punkband from Leipzig. Six songs with sarcastic lyrics and the striking voice of Saxen Robert. Listen here:

SM 066 Bad Taste Paranoia / Ben Bloodygrave EP Split

Bad_Taste_Paranoia_Ben_Bloodygrave_EP_Split Bad Taste Paranoia is the solo project of the bass player of Dividing Lines (and the drummer of Nasty Pack, Lethargie, bass player of Jöey Clash). Ben Bloodygrave is Berlins most famous Electro Punker. Five songs between Dark Wave and 80ies style. Listen here:

SM 063 Klostein / Totalverdummung Split-LP \'\'Friss\'\'

Klostein-Totalverdummung_LP_Friss Punk from the basement of Zwickau meets Punk from Hartenstein(Saxony). After ten years and several cd’s Klostein release the first vinyl together with their friends from Totalverdummung. Raw and loud. Listen here:

SM 061 Trigger / Battra EP Split

Trigger-Battra_EP_Split_SM Musik After nearly two years we release a new record from Saxony’s fastest and most brutal but technical grindcore band: Trigger. They share the records with their friends from Battra – Halle’s fastest fastcore band. Listen here:  

SM 059 Varan LP \'\'Lachen auf Zeit\'\'

Varan LP Lachen auf Zeit These young men comes from Halle/Merseburg and scream their anger with this record to the world. Therefore they use a powerful and metalized music which also has some quiet moments. Listen here:

SM 057 I am my end LP S/T

I am my end LP S/T The first record of this new band from Leipzig. With members from Wehrlos they developed their own kindof dark crust, with epic moments but enough punk influence. Remembers to such bands like Lethargie but listen here:

SM 053 Aktion X LP ''Freiheit''

Aktion X LP Freiheit Should we release songs of a band which didn’t exist since nearly 3 years? Yes, it’s a must have! These acoustic punkrock songs are songs for eternity. The songs are taken from their 3 released cd’s and are now re-mastert.

SM 054 Japanische Kampfhörspiele LP ''Deutschland von vorne II''

Japanische_Kampfhoerspiele-deutschland_von_vorne_II After the reunion last year and their regularly album the band releases another cover album. 11 german songs from bands like Knochenfabrik, Toxoplasma, S.Y.P.H. or Hammerhead are recorded in the typical JaKa style and with guest vocalists. Finest technical Grind/Death on colored vinyl.

SM 051 Trigger LP''Start our Revenge''

Trigger LP Start our Revenge After some split lp’s and ep’s here comes the first full length record of this technical grind band from Glauchau/Germany. Although everything is colored it’s a dark and evil record with some surprises.

SM 048 Nelly Olsen LP S/T

Nelly Olsen LP New and first record of this new band from Leipzig. The members aren’t new, they play/played in several bands before like Down on knees I’m weak or Agnes Kraus. You can listen to their powerdoom here:

SM 047 Trigger / Abjured LP Split

01 Trigger- Abjured LP Split A split lp

of these great grindcore bands. Trigger, one of the most active bands at the

SM 045 Dead Ramones EP ''eagle of the road''

Dead Ramones EP Eagle of the Road From Besancon comes this female fronted wave punk band. For friends of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Belgrado, Sect, etc. 

SM 043 Alarmsignal LP ''Alles ist vergänglich''

Alarmsignal LP Alles ist vergänglich After ten years and several cd’s comes now the first vinyl of German Punkband from Celle. German Punkrock in the best way.

SM 041 La Casa Fantom LP ''Feed my silence''

La Casa Fantom LP Feed my silence New record from 2012 of this fantastic Norwegian duo. Drum and bass as it's best.

SM 039 Guts & Guns LP ''The pig rug collection''

Guts'n'Guns LP The pig rug collection It’s the first record of this congenial band from Leipzig. They play a noisy, heavy and crusty style of Stoner with double female voices. You ever listen such a mix? Listen and see

SM 035 Chamber DoLP ''Chamber Noir''

Chamber DoLP Chamber Noir Modern BLACK METAL, cold melodies and dark atmosphere, sick vocals and

SM 031 Ali Agca / Wojtyla EP Split

Ali Agca / Wojtyla EP Split Two great grind bands from Spain and Poland. D-Beat meets Grind. With this names they must to make a record together!

SM 033 Hiro / Who needs maps? LP Split

Hiro - Woh needs maps LP Split Two of the best french Screamo/Postrock bands on this great record.

SM 028 Karmacopter EP ''California''

Karmacopter EP California Second releases of this band from Mannheim/Germoney. A little bit Punk, a little bit HC and a lot of innovation.

SM 026 Trigger / Run Time Error LP Split

SM 026 Trigger - Run Time Error LP Split Trigger plays a kind of technical Death/Grind in the vein of Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Run Time Error are more trashy, fast and fabulous

SM 024 Skräck / Spastix split LP

Skräck / Spastix split LP Skräck are back! With a new drummer and with their friends of Spastix. Punk/HC meets fast Trashcore.

SM 022 Hombre Malo / Jack & the bearded fishermen EP Split

Hombre Malo - Jack and the bearded fishermen EP New Songs from Hombre Malo and Jack & the bearded fishermen. Oslo meets Besancon. Furious mix between stoner, sludge and heavy rock.

SM 020 Pagdalan LP "Slavery 2.0"

Pagdalan LP Slavery 2.0 After years in the underground the band just released their first album, a great mix between Crust/HC/Screamo.

SM 018 PVC / Troublekid LP "Live in Berga by night"

PVC - Troublekid LP Live in Berga by night The 77-Punkband from Wall-Rock-City meets the young female Punkband from Leipzig in Berga by night

SM 016 Monozid LP "Say Hello to artificial grey"

Monozid LP Say Hello to artificial grey Post/Wave-Punk in the vein of EA80 or Boxhamsters – GREAT!

SM 014 Hiro / Amalthea LP Split

Hiro - Amalthea LP Ex-GANTZ with a new release! Amalthea from Sweden play classic Emo-Music. A classic record!

SM 012 La Casa Fantom LP "Fredlos"

La Casa Fantom LP Fredlos New songs from the chaotic drum'n'bass - duo. Their best stuff ever!

SM 010 V.A. A tribute to the Goldenen Zironen DoLP/CD

V.A. Tribute to the Goldenen Zitronen DoLP - CD Various bands play songs of the best german punkband.

SM 008 La Casa Fantom EP "Cut"

La Casa Fantom EP Cut Drum'n'Bass-duo from Norway, plays chaotic kind of crust/hc/sludge

SM 006 Idiot Savant / Deanimation PicEP

Idiot Savant / Deanimation EP Split Two german crustbands from Hammerstadt and Frohburg.

SM 004 Fazed 10" S/T

Fazed 10'' Intelligent crust from Eisenberg/Germany with two female voices.

SM 002 Farmers Boulevard LP/CD "Red Carpet"

Farmers Boulevard LP - CD Red Carpet All School HC from Leipzig/Germany – straight in your face.

SM 000 L'Attentat LP "Made in GDR"

L'Attentat Last records of this piece of punkrock-history.Sold out!!!

SM 065 Angstbreaker LP The flying Cat

Angstbreaker_LP_The_flying_Cat Hardcore from Leipzig! Melodic, powerful and political. With members of Farmers Boulevard, Pagdalan and Aktion X. After several demo’s and tour’s comes now the first lp (the flipside contains the CD from 2016) Listen here:

SM 064 La Casa Fantom LP \'\'Kill me clean\'\'

La_Casa_Fantom_LP_Kill_me_clean_SM Musik The new LP from the Drum and Bass duo from the dark forest near Oslo. Also the music became a little more darker, the consequent way from their last recordings. Listen here:

SM 062 Bolesno Grinje LP \'\'Grd\'\'

Bolesno Grinje LP Grd The 8th full length record of this outstanding death/grind band from Pula/Croatia. Twelve new songs, listen here:

SM 060 Jöey Clash LP \'\'Booze Cruise\'\'

Jöey Clash LP Booze Cruise Jöey Clash is going on Booze Cruise. During his drunken days and nights he is dancing with himself and waits for nothing. Listen here:

SM 058 S.U.F.F. LP Kontrollbereich

Suff LP Kontrollbereich The old men from Leipzig-Connewitz released a new lp. Songs about Roter Stern Leipzig, Connewitz and consume. Punkrock-Entertainment between Reggae and Punk, fun and politics. Watch and listen here:

SM 056 Tiger Magic LP ''If nothing works out at least I do''

Tiger Magic LP If nothing works out at least I do The second output of this girls and boys from Leipzig. They developed their 90ies Emo/Screamo-Sound further and put some gimmicks on the red or white vinyl.

SM 055 Max Power LP ''Eisgeburt?"

Max Power LP Eisgeburt The first record of this sarcastic and bizarre punk/hc band from Leipzig. Influences of Oma Hans and some skapunk influences from their Warp Noin history are mixed.

SM 050 Chamber 2 x 10" ''Slaves to the locust''

Chamber 2 x 10 inch Slaves to the locust The second output of this Leipzig-Connewitz based Black Metal band. They became more epic, more heavier, more melodic.

SM 052 Jöey Clash LP 1st

Jöey Clash LP 1st The angry man is singing just a stupid song about love and hate. But realise, life is just a Ramones song! Leipzig-Plagwitz dirtiest Rock’n’Roll.

SM 046 Das Modell LP S/T

01 Das Modell LP SM Musik First record of this trio from Besancon. Finest Noiserock/Postrock with (ex)members of Hiro, Aside fro a day, etc.

SM 049 Bolesno Grinje LP Chronicles from the tomb

Bolesno Grinje LP Chronicles from the tomb A new record from these old men from Croatia. Nevertheless it's the most powerful and heavy Death/Grind which I listened in the last time. Don't miss it!

SM 042 Brink of despair LP ''Rooted in dust''

Brink of despair LP Rooted in dust New record of this new band from Leipzig, Eisenberg and Neugersdorf. Classic crust from musicians who played before in Fazed, Lethargie, S.O.L., Confessed Crime

SM 044 Tiger Magic LP ''Crush on you''

Tiger Magic LP Crush on you First record of this band from Leipzig. They play a kind of Screamo / Postpunk with female/male voices.

SM 038 Down on knees I'm weak LP ''Stolen from us''

Down on knees i am weak LP Stolen from us Bulldozer-Doom from Chemnitz. Their first record but the guys make music since years. You can hear it on this record! Listen and see

SM 036 Hombre Malo / Desert Icons LP Split

Hombre Malo - Desert Icons LP Our friends

SM 032 Bambix / Johnnie Rook 10''

Bambix - Johnnie Rook 10'' Split Johnnie Rook from Berlin are a female fronted punkband in the vein of Bambix. That’s why both bands released this 10”!

SM 034 Galvano / Kasan 10'' Split

Galvano - Kasan 10'' Split Galvano from Sweden and Kasan from Leipzig – 2 x Doom/Postrock/Sludge on highest level.

SM 029 La Casa Fantom LP ''Selection by eliminaion''

La Casa Fantom LP Selection By Elimination New record of this fantastic Norwegian duo. Drum and bass as it's best.

SM 027 Phantom Stars LP ''Madness & Mystery''

Phantom Stars LP Madness & Mystery A new great band from Leipzig plays dirty Punk’n’Roll. Take the voice of Motörhead and the groove of Turbonegro and you will find the Phantom Stars.

SM 025 La Casa Fantom / Sønderknust EP Split

La Casa Fantom - Sonderknust EP Two new songs from Oslo. LCF with new stuff for the 10th anniversary and fine stoner/crust from Sønderknust

SM 023 Kellerasseln LP "Fleißig, Gründlich, Gewissenhaft"

Kellerasseln LP Fleißig, gründlich gewissenhaft After more than 15 years, a lot of ep’s comes the first lp of this band from Erfurt. Straight Punkrock in your face, fast, brutal and loud.

SM 021 Hombre Malo LP "The ecstasy of devastation"

Hombre Malo LP The ecstasy of devastation New Band from Oslo! Members from La Casa Fantom, Ictus and Sons of Saturm made a furious mix bewtween stoner, sludge and heavy rock

SM 019 La Casa Fantom EP "Forlatt"

La Casa Fantom EP Forlatt SM Musik Two new songs from the chaotic drum'n'bass - duo. HC/Crust/Whatever on the highest level!

SM 017 WWK LP "Bestie Mensch"

WWK LP Bestie Mensch A repress of this great record. Raw and angry punkrock from the Westerwald.

SM 015 Meny Hellkin / The Bunch EP Split

01 Meny hellkin - The bunch EP 2 x finest post-rock from France

SM 013 Bostaurus LP "Made in Hellfire"

Bostaurus LP Made in hellfire The band stands up from the ashes of the "Amplifires" and plays a dark and Stonerrock-influenced kind of crust. If  you like "Disfear" you will love "Bostaurus".

SM 011 BCM / Fireaaamd LP Split

BCM-Fireaaamd LP Two great bands from Leipzig and from Riesa/Grossenhain. BCM plays a chaotic kind of crust, Fireaaamd show us punkrock in the vein of Aus-Rotten or Behind the Enemy Lines.

SM 009 Don Vito 10'' ''III''

Don Vito 10'' III After two short DIY-CD's the band present their first record. Fantastic chaotic instrumental noiserock from the trio-infernale. Sold out for wholesale.

SM 007 Der Schwarze Kanal LP "Leipzig"

Der Schwarze Kanal LP Leipzig Nachpressung ihrer LP von 2005. Die Songs stammen alle aus den Jahren 1989/1990 sind aber immer noch  hochaktuell. Schneller Punkrock mit deutschen Texten, abseits jeglichen Deutschpunk-Klischees.GDR-Punk from 1989/1990, recorded in 2005. Fast and strong with political lyrics which are just up to date.

SM 005 Lethargie LP S/T

Finest CrustPunk from Leipzig.Totaly sold out.

SM 003 GANTZ LP "La chambre des morts"

GANTZ LP La chambre des morts Second lp of this great Emo-Band from Besancon.Totaly sold out.

SM 001 GANTZ LP "Disko 2004"

GANTZ LP Disko 2004 Compilation of the releases of GANTZ from 2004. Great Emo from Besancon on one lp.Totaly sold out.

Werbung: Resist to Exist 2013, Werbung: Skräck / Spastix split 12" (SM-Musik)