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  • The Canyon Observer LP FVCK

    The_Canyon_Observer_LP_FVCK 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    The Canyon Observer takes the epic song structures and dynamic shifts of post-metal but filter it through an ugly lens. There are extended melodic passages here reminiscent of ISIS’ more serene moments but here the smooth edges have been worn down to give a darker, gnarlier texture. The Canyon Observer create a really captivating world of noise on “FVCK” by taking familiar influences and moulding them into compelling new forms.

    The Canyon Observer (ArtNr -)

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  • Offret 12" S/T

    Offret_12inch 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Ein Ein-Mann-Projekt aus Nishni Novgorod! Grandiose atmospherische Songs zwischen Postrock, Black Metal und akustischer Musik.

    Without crossing too far over specific genre borders, the debut EP from Russian one-man act OFFRET allows a little more variety and casts author Andrey Prokofiev as someone of a dark metal modernist. His offering is based on acoustic guitar and trombones framework distorted by Sunn Model T amp bass, and presents an unparalleled sense of wonder within each song.

    Offret (ArtNr -)

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  • Carne LP Modern Rituals

    Carne_LP_Modern_Rituals 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Jetzt wird es laut! Sehr laut!! Dieses Duo aus Lyon haut alles raus: Metal-lastiger (Post)Rock mit Sludge-Einlagen. Verrückt, diese Franzosen!

    The french duo comes back with a new album, Modern Rituals, plunging deeper into the urban blend of noise and sludge already settled on their previous release, Ville Morgue.

    This new record expresses all their skepticism and unease towards a society where sarcasm and mediocrity became criterias of appreciation if not values to be defended at all cost. A society that constantly and repeatedly broadcasts its own decay, drowning masses in a sea of ignorance and ready-made reflections. Modern Rituals marks on a new step in Carne’s methodical research of more darkness, loudness and sombre psychedelism.

    Carne (ArtNr -)

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  • Loth LP S/T

    Loth_LP_ST 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Erstes Album der Franzosen. Es enthält atmospherischen Black Metal aus Austrasien. Vier Songs voller Trauer.

    LOTH use music as a cathartic yet enjoyable experience. Their songs are full of sorrow and anfer as they filled with underlaying hope. They aim to recall the fogginess of their beloved cold hearted Austrasia, a bleak of French area where their love for raw melodic black metal has grown stronger and stronger through the years

    Loth (ArtNr -)

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  • Dustbreeders LP The missing bar

    Dustbreeders_LP_The_missing_bar 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    From 1988, DUSTBREEDERS extract music from the chaos of guitars and/or mange-disques, redefining the notion of esthetism and creation. They are back with a new full-length, joined by their japanese sister Junko on vocals on few tracks, opening a missing bar to crush our souls.

    Dustbreeders (ArtNr -)

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  • Gouffre LP Incubus-Succubus (Synesthic Alchemy #3)

    Gouffre_LP_Incubus-Succubus 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Zwei Songs zu je 20 min nehmen Euch mit auf eine Reise ins Traumland. Augen zu und Entspannen!

    On a minimalistic basis of drums and « a kind of » hurdy-gurdy, GOUFFRE invites cello, bass-guitar and subtle arrangements

    to develop codeinic atmospheres on this third LP of the

    « synesthetic Alchemy » serie curated by 213 Records and dedicated to free music and improvisation. Limited to 213 copies

    with silkscreened insert.

    Gouffre (ArtNr -)

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  • Klaus Legal LP Metschty Schizophrenica

    Klaus_Legal_LP_Metschty_Schizophrenica 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Sphärisch und atmospherisch mit vielen Experimenten. Für offene Ohren, die ungewohntem gern entgegen hören.

    KLAUS LEGAL creates sounds from light and organizes them into an untypical musical journey, engraved on this fourth LP of the « Synesthetic Alchemy » serie curated by 213 Records and dedicated to free music and improvisation. Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert. For fans of : Rashad Becker, Hmong Music, Broken Hearted Dragonflies, THROBBING GRISTLE

    Klaus Legal (ArtNr -)

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  • Wake LP Sowing the seeds of a worthless tomorrow

    Wake_Sowing_the_seeds_of_a_worthless_tomorrow_LP 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Dritte LP der Kanadier, die uns hier auch schon live erfreut haben. Brutal und aggressiv werden 8 Angriffe auf unsere Ohren gefahren. Neben Grindcore hören wir auch Crust und Black Metal heraus.

    A whole new level of violence and aggression from Canada\'s most infamous grindcore killing machine. WAKE\'s third full length album is a war zone of ferocious and swarming aggression that elevates the bar of grindcore to an entire new level, opening massive wounds in the listener\'s perceptions with a vicious and unrelenting onslaught of grindcore, sludge, black metal, crust and crippling post-hardcore.

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  • Krupskaya / Foible Instibct 12" Split

    Krupskaya_Foible_Instinct_12inch_Split 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Nach der Split mit Sandokhan und einer Ruhezeit sind die Ausnahme-Grinder aus UK wieder da. Mit im Boot Foible Instinct aus Kiew, die uns mit brutalem Grindcore alter Schule erfreuen.

    After years of silence, Stoke-on-Trent\'s Avant-Grind Noisefreaks KRUPSKAYA are back with a bang. 4 Tracks of relentless grindcore with math and noise influences, samples and mad chaotic blastbeats. FOIBLE INSTINCT from Kiev convince with 5 Songs of brutal Old School Grindcore.

    Krupskaya / Foible Instinct (ArtNr -)

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  • Komptoir Chaos LP Seconde génération

    Komptoir_Chaos_LP_Seconde_génération 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Last and long awaited album for this chaos punk with street punk influences from east of France. Nice! Yellow vinyl

    Punkrock kann so schön einfach sein!

    Komptoir Chaos (ArtNr -)

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