• Ahna LP Perpetual Warfare

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    AHNA kommen aus Vancover. Und auch wenn die Platte schon 2015 erschienen ist, hat sie immer noch Relevanz. Old School Death Metal mit jeder Menge Crust und Punk. Nieten blank putzen und Haare schütteln!

    AHNA from Vancouver, Canada, lays out six more doses of their noisey blackened filth, sounding yet again like they’ve managed to record in one of the lesser pits of hell. This is actually a lot less blast-centric than their older material, with crusty rhythms offsetting the murky metalloid gloom, and the sludgy side of some of the songs, channels the headbanging glory of BOLT THROWER to perfection. This is nothing short of mandatory for all you metalpunx.


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Werbung: Tiger Magic LP Crush on you, Werbung: Skräck / Spastix split 12" (SM-Musik)