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  • Republic of dreams / Beau Navire EP Split

    Republic of dreams - Beau Navire EP Split 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    REPUBLIC OF DREAMS: Eine neue Band, aber altbekannte Namen. Das neugegründete Trio besteht zu 2/3 aus Louise Cyphre und zu 1/3 aus Resurrectionists/Apoplexy Twist Orchestra-Mitgliedern. Die Einflüsse aus all diesen Bands machen sich auch in den 3 Songs dieser Split bemerkbar. Am stärksten fallen die LC-Einflüsse auf; schneller, technischer und unglaublich mitreißender Screamo, der immer wieder durch Breaks und Steigerungen getragen wird und nebenbei sehr an die legendären Jeromes Dream erinnert.

    Splitpartner sind die äußerst sympathischen Jungs von BEAU NAVIRE. Die Band aus der BayArea steigern sich auf dieser Platte sowohl im Songwriting als auch im spieltechnischen Bereich deutlich im Vergleich zu den Vorgängerreleases. Die Band hat sich weiterentwickelt und das hört man hier.

    All-Star-Screamo-Project with members from Louise Cyphre, Resurrectionists and Apoplexy Twist Orchestra together with Beau Navire from US.

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  • Respire LP Dènouement

    Respire_LP_Dènouement 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Respire is an six-piece band from Toronto, Canada, who plays orchestral post-black metal with epic post-hardcore and screamo. This is the second full-lenght record. Dénouement is an 8 song, 37 minute collection written and recorded in a year marred by the toils of addiction.


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  • Respire LP Gravity and Grace

    Respire_LP_Gravity_and_Grace 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Gravity and Grace ist das Debüt-Album des Sechslings aus Toronto/Kanada. Neun Songs pendeln aüßerst gekonnt zwischen epischem Post-HC, Screamo und Black Metal. Das spielen jetzt viele Bands, aber schaffen die das auch so gut wie Respire?

    Respire is a six-piece band from Toronto, Canada, who combine epic post-hardcore, screamo, and black metal into a very cohesive formula that drips of maturity and patience. Gravity and Grace is their debut LP - a sprawling memoir of genre-defying soundscapes, reverb-washed tremolo harmonies, cascading arpeggios, dreamlike textures and walls of distorted guitars roaring over frantic rhythms, punctuated by tormented vocals and a near-orchestral array of instruments and contributors. Themes of loss, addiction, heartbreak, and existential anguish paint a bleak picture, but somewhere over the horizon rests a glimmering sense of hope, resolve and forgiveness.

    For fans of: Old Soul, Alaskan, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neil on Impression and Fall Of Efrafa.

    Respire (ArtNr -)

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  • Sangria LP ''Agnosis''

    Sangria LP Agnosis 10,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Zugegeben, mit Sangria bringe ich immer warmes Klima, gute Laune und Ferien in Verbindung. Dieses Trio kommt zwar aus Spanien, erzeugt aber eher Kälte, Hass und Wut. Ihr atmosphärischer Sludge/Doom mit hohem Metal-Anteil kann aber damit bei einigen Leuten auch für gute Laune sorgen.

    Sangria (ArtNr -)

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  • Schönesende DoLP S/T

    Schönesende DoLP 16,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    SCHÖNESENDE is the solo project of Matthew Bunkell, known for his work with LIGHT BEARER and MOMENTUM. With the exception of Jack Riddleston’s vocals on the song »Rise, Moloch«, spoken words by Joanne and Gary Bunkell and a the voice of postman-turned-poet Charles Bukowski and others, Matthew has written and recorded his debut album »Schönesende« all by himself.

    The endeavour, started in 2012, marks Matthew’s exploration of philosophical as well as psychological themes. Over the course of almost 70 minutes, »Schönesende« does not only musically explore different facets of Black Metal, Folk and abstract experimental music, but also immerses its listeners in a multi-disciplinary philosophical discourse revolving around questions about the human condition. Matthew, who in the near future intends to publish a collection of short stories and a novel which tie into the themes of the Schönesende project, cites authors such as Ernest Becker, Allen Ginsberg, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Fante and Bukowski as influences for his art. Becker’s work – in which the cultural anthropologist postulates that the denial of one’s death or mortality is a driving force for human behaviour of all types – resonated so profoundly with Matthew that he decided to explore this topic further with Schönesende.

    Schönesende (ArtNr -)

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  • Seila Chiara 10\'\' \'\'Rive\'\'

    Seila Chiara 10'' Rive 5,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Taufrisch und doch brandheiß, das neue Stück Vinyl der Band aus Lyon. In den 7 Songs zeigen sie uns alles was sie draufhaben. Und das ist eine ganze Menge. Von melancholischen Balladen über "Rock"-Songs hin zu atmospherischen Postrock. Für Fans von frühen At the drive in und späten Daitro.

    Finally, Lyon based SEILA CHIARA finished their first full length. The waiting time was worth it. The 7 songs sound more refined as the previous releases. To discribe their style is not so easy. Of course we have slight post-hardcore/post-rock elements and jazzy ambient passages here, but the influences of indie and maybe decent emo-punk are more present here. The songwriting and the variation of the songs are really great. Melancholy ballads, forward driven ‚rock‘songs, danceable songs and also a (fast) waltz mix up here. The trademarks of the songs are the bright and clear, atmospheric, catchy and frisky guitar lines and of course the markable voice. Skillfully the songs build up and calm down, nothing sounds monotonous and boring. Recommand for people who like Amalthea, Sed Non Satiata, early At The Drive In and late Daitro. (ArtNr -)

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  • Shokei LP ''Painkiller''

    Shokei LP Painkiller 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Nach der Split mit Kids Explode nun die erste LP der Jungs aus Franken. Ihr Post-HC ist noch ausgereifter und teilweise etwas poppig geworden. Eine erfrischende Platte auf 45 rpm.

    After the split-lp with Kids Explode come the first lp of this fresh german Postrock-band.

    (ArtNr -)

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  • Silence LP The deafening sound of absolutely nothing

    Silence_LP_The_deafening_sound_of_absolutely_nothing 13,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Silence are a highly active post-punk/peace-punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. “The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing” strives (and succeeds) to achieve the perfect mix of between peace and post punk. By taking influences from The Mob, Bauhaus, Zounds, Killing Joke, Amebix, Crass, Conflict, Internal Autonomy and Joy Division SILENCE have created what can only be described a brilliant debut LP. At one moment this record is dark, heavy, and atmospheric and then the next moment it makes you want to dance and sing along. Lyrically SILENCE are much closer to the anarcho side of the previously listed influences. Lyrics focus on a variety of topics but often have a strong focus on the way punk and activist communities deal with political struggle in our current political climate.

    “The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing” comes with a 16 page magazine size zine containing lyrics, personal writings and song explanations. Designed, printed and assembled by the band themselves in true D.I.Y. fashion.

    Silence (ArtNr -)

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  • Single state of men LP S/T

    Single state of man LP 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Die Würzburger haben auf ihrer LP 6 eingängige Post-HC-Hymnen verewigt. Die Songs bedienen eindrucksvoll die ganze Bandbreite und wissen vorzüglich zu unterhalten.

    Six straight Postrock-hymns from this band from Würzburg/Germoney. (ArtNr -)

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  • Solemn League EP

    Solemn League EP 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Sehr liedhafter Postrock, der schnell ins Ohr geht und dort lange bleibt. Die Jungs aus Hamburg und Berlin verstehen es excellent, uns den Tagmit leichten Melodien zu versüßen. (ArtNr -)

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