• Active Minds LP ''The cracks start appearing''

    Active Minds LP The cracks start appearing

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    Alle Jahre wieder... gibts eine neue Scheibe des Anarcho-Punk Duos aus England. "The cracks start appearing" ist wie gewohnt wütend, kämpferisch und hochpolitisch. Im Vergleich zu den bisherigen Alben ist die neueste Platte mit Abstand die abwechslungsreichste Scheibe der Briten. Die Platte kommt - wie gewohnt - inkl. umfangreichem Booklet mit den Songtexten.

    If there were ever a band that exemplified a "more than music" DIY-attitude, it's Active Minds. Active Minds have been playing straight-forward UK HC for almost 30 years. Their now 5th Lp LP falls neatly in-line with all their previous records, songs ranging from short/fast/loud hardcore ragers to slower, more melodic, more poppy rockers. All chock full of powerful and poignant political lyrics, a strong and robust production, catchy riffs, and easy to digest songwriting. The Lp comes with a nice booklet not only carrying the lyrix to their songs - recommended!

    Active Minds

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