• Bastinados / Bosongo Djetinjstvo LP SPlit

    Bastinados - Bosongo Djetinjstvo  LP Split

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    I know you like AC/DC. I know you get excited from old Metallica. And i am sure you are gonna come on BASTINADOS.

    Antifascist/Anarchist Crust’n’Roll with powerful pissed vocals from laonica squat/Zagreb/Croatia.

    BOSONOGO DJETINJSTVO from Zadar/Croatia plays dark, driven d-beat punk with psych-rock influences. In the last years a numerous amount of boring and lame d-beat bands (sounding the same, and having similar ridicules names) came across, but B.D. definitely doesn’t fit in that category with their quite unique sludgy sound, very interesting powerful music, and also very interesting lyrics.


    Bosongo Djentinjstvo

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Werbung: Brink of despair LP Rooted in dust, Werbung: Alarmsignal LP Alles ist vergänglich