• Black Everest EP ''Demo''

    Black Everest EP Demo

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    Aus Hamburg, Berlin und Oldenburg reisen die Jungs zur Probe an. Dabei fabrizieren sie einen Sound, der in der Mitte von Hardcore, Postrock, Screamo und Crust (?) liegt. Mit Synthesizer.

    Somewhere between Hardcore, Screamo but also Post-Rock and Crust this demo 7" is to class in. Extremely powerful, yet playful and not too fiddly. In between a synthesizer provides a kind of epic atmosphere. (Almost feels like a surrounding spaceship). The four guys from Berlin, Hamburg and Oldenburg manage the balancing act between hard and fast parts and moodful melodies. to find a specific classification is difficult - a too wide-ranging musical spectrum had obviously influence on the five songs. If you cant imagine this, you should get this record and make your own impression.

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Werbung: Die Goldenen Zitronen "A Tribute To...", Werbung: Video Plattenvorstellung Trigger - Attack of the mad axeman