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  • Union of Sleep LP ''Death in the place of rebirth''

    Union_of_Sleep_LP_Death_in_the_Place_of_Rebirth 9,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    After the 2009's self-titled debut, UNION OF SLEEP deliver their 2nd release "death in the place of rebirth". Yet again they dish out uncomplicated, riff-based songs and solos which are obviously rooted in rock, but they come with a doom-metal, sludge and even a hardcore edge. Ruder and more decisive, this record punches like a steam hammer! Besides the essential sludgy, heavy riffs and fucked up atmosphere, you will discover a lot of subliminal grooves, too. Be aware of eight beastly fuckers, raw and crude, from the lowest instincts of mankind. Comprehensive yet refined, the union of extreme influences, instinctual prowess and rugged beauty on "death in the place of rebirth" is nothing less than impressive. If you have any sort of neck, "death in the place of rebirth" will force movement out of your head - in an up and down motion. Tech-metal freaks and hipsters alike will pretend to hate it, but they'll be missing out one of the year's best albums. Imagine THE MELVINS committing fornication with NEUROSIS and you'll get a slight idea of what it's about. LP comes with 350gr thick inside-out cover, and inlay.

    Union of Sleep (ArtNr -)

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  • Union of Sleep LP S/T

    Union_of_sleep_LP 9,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Heavy as fuck, these guys from Hagen/Germany love to worship SABBATH. Influenced from the classics of both metal and hardcore, UNION OF SLEEP blend the two together seamlessly while throwing in some good old fashioned stoner/doom and of course a whole bunch of rock 'n' roll. Sometimes they rock out like shit, but still keep the pace slow. A genre of riffs, with grate and dirt, spit, all taken into directions, angles, and awkward spaces. Rhythm and bass that flows like a rolling river, sometimes rapid, sometimes heavy, thick, and melodic, but always moving forward. These albums are laden with vocals that can haunt, entrance, or enrage, with angry lyrics and very low attitude. This record contains 4 brandnew songs as well as 4 songs from their 1st demo (re-mastered). If you love relentless heavy music, dirty and loud - this full-length is for you! LP comes with 350gr thick inside-out cover, and inlay. For fans of SLEEP or DOOMRIDERS. Be afraid, be in awe - UNION OF SLEEP is a journey worth taking.

    Union of Sleep (ArtNr -)

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  • V.A. CD ''Waterloo''

    V.A. Waterloo CD 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    4fach Split mit "Another kind of death", "Adrift", "Moksha" und "Moho" - allesamt aus Spananien. Another kind of death spielen eine hektische HC/Screamo-Mischung. Adrift dedienen sich vieler Metal-Elemente, kommen aber wesentlich verspielter und experimenteller daher. Moksha bestechen mit einfachem aber wirkungsvollem Stoner und Mohoerfreuen uns mit bestem Doom/Sludge.

    4 x Metal/Sludge/Stoner/HC from Spain. (ArtNr -)

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  • V.A. CD 4 x Split Shall not kill, Fantastic hole, Tekken, Moon

    no pic 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    4 x Frankreich - 4 x crazy stuff! Shall not kill bieten mit ihren 3 Songs in fast 25 min Spiellänge interessanten Emo mit 70er-Rock-Einsprengseln. Fantastic hole fahren dagen mehr die elektronisch-experimentelle Schiene. Dem schliessen sich Tekken mit furiosem und brachialem HC an, wo die Lieder kaum länger als 1 min sind. Moon füllen dann die restlichen 20 min mit sphärischen Klängen, die sie wahrscheinlich mit selbstgebastelten Weltraumantennen eingefangen haben.

    4 x France, 4 x crazy stuff between Stoner, Experimental and HC. (ArtNr -)

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