• Billions of Comrades LP ''Grain''

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    Billions of Comrades kommen aus Belgien und erfreuen uns auf ihrer ersten LP mit asymmetrischen Sound- und Songstrukturen, die dann letzten Endes im spacigen Wave münden. Höhrenswert!

    Belgium's Billions of Comrades generate a noise that openly flirts with rock and electronica, cutting dense, asymmetric structures from which their instrument's organic sounds merge with those of the Tenori-On (the sequencer favoured by the likes of Bjork and Emilie Simon). Their songs hit hard; the direct and energetic compositions are lifted by Johnathan Manzitto's voice, which evokes comparison to Robert Smith, and Luke Jenner of the Rapture. Limited edition of 300 blue vinyls, includes download card.

    Billions of Comrades

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