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  • Abnorm / Rajoitus EP

    Abnorm - Rajoitus EP Split 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Abnorm aus Schweden und Rajoitus aus Finnland haben sich hier verewigt. 2 x feiner Krach, irgendwo zwischen Punk, Grind und Metal angesiedelt. Nicht umsonst dankt man Rattus und Discharge für die Inspiration.

    Abnorm from Sweden and Rajoitus from Finland with a great mix between Punk, Grind and Metal. (ArtNr -)

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  • Actuary / Marion Barry EP ''God is back and he is hungry''

    Actuary - Marion Barry EP God is back and he is hungry 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    2 x Grindcore aus den USA. Actuary verpflichten sich dem klassischen Grindcore während Marion Barry gelegentliche noisige und experimentelle Passagen mit einfließen lassen.

    Actuary / Marion Barry (ArtNr -)

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  • Agathocles / King Terror 10\'\'

    Agathocles - King Terror 10'' 5,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    2x Belgien und 1x Mincecore sowie 1 x HC/Punk. Zu Agathocles muss mensch nicht mehr viel sagen. King Terror sind eine neue Band mit Leuten von Vuur und SL27 mit dem Motto "making hardcore punk again"!

    King Terror and Agathocles, both from Hellgium, play superfast punk music that is based around tons of their social and political ethics. King Terror is a fresh band with ex-VUUR and ex SL27 members that plays a hardcore punk variant under the motto \'making hardcore punk again\', while Agathocles is an antique band that plays self-proclaimed mincecore. which kinda maybe sounds like (gore)grind but distinguishes itself by the aforementioned ethics. (ArtNr -)

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  • Ali Agca / Wojtyla EP Split

    Ali Agca - Wojtyla EP Split 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Großartige Split EP dieser beiden Bands mit diesen verbindenden Namen. Die Spanier bieten den iberisch-typischen D-Beat in einer schnellen Art und Weise. Wojtyla aus Polen sind als Grind-Band bekannt und das beweisen sie hier auch eindrucksvoll.

    This time we got for you 100% unholy split of Ali Agca from Barcelona and Wojtyła from Wrocław. Ali Agca delivers 5 blistering crust punk songs with d-beat influences. Slow tempos along with fast parts reminds of early HHIG and Tragedy. Wojtyła with their last recordings before breaking up. Four songs that were previously released as limited split CD with Sugardaddy And Shotgun Justice in Russia. 25% straight edge youth grind band!!!

    Das schreibt das OX: Der Gimmick dieser 7" sind die Bandnamen des polnischen unddes spanischen Grind-Kommandos. Für die Spätgeborenen: Ali Agca, türkischer Nationalist, verübte 1981 ein Attentat auf Papst Johannes Paul II, der zuvor unter dem Namen Wojtyla firmierte, und dieses knapp überlebte. Beide waren durch dieses Erlebnis so traumatisiert, dass sie sich fortan nur noch räudiger Musik widmeten und nach Agcas Entlassung aus dem Gefängnis und Wojtylas fingiertem Tod nun diese 7" veröffentlichten. Ergibt zweimal derben Old-School-Grind, Wojtyla straight auf die Zwölf, Ali Agca mit flirrenden und leicht schrägen Gitarren. Macht Spass (8/7) Ollie Fröhlich OX#100 (ArtNr -)

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    ANFO LP 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    ΑNFO started in early 2013 with Sotiris Theoharis (Adiexodo, No Mind) on vocals and guitar, Nikos Charalambopoulos “Tsouloufis” (Adiexodo, Deus X Machina) on bass, Fotis P. (My Turn) on guitar and Giorgos Chloros (NoMind) on drums. Their sound goes beyond the borders of punk rock, which is the group members' starting point. The core of their songs is simple, on-the-spot, revolutionary rock’n’roll. The band's first months of existence were very creative, as they recorded their debut mini LP which is now available in 300 copies through B-otherside Records and Scarecrow Records, in cooperation with It contains four songs of pure explosive music. A small sample can be found here:

    ANFO (ArtNr -)

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  • Anger Burning LP \'\'When\'\'

    Anger Burning LP When 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Das totale DISCHARGE Brett, natürlich aus Schweden!! Nach einigen Scheiben, u.a. auf D-Takt & Råpunk Records, gibt´s jetzt die volle Breitseite in Form der neuen 12"!

    New 12" of this raw swedish band.

    Anger Burning (ArtNr -)

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  • Argies LP "Quien despierta"

    Argies LP Quien Despierta 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Die Argies kommen aus Argentinien (welch origineller Bandname) und spielen originellen Punk mit einer gehörigen Portion Rock. Das Südamerika-Feeling kommt auch nicht zu kurz.

    The band from Argentina plays fast southamerican Punkrock. (ArtNr -)

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  • Asfixia / Annunaki Revenge LP Split

    Asfixia / Annunaki Revenge LP Split 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Ein posthumes Release für diese beiden Bands aus dem Baskenland/Spanien! Die beiden Labelmacher von Stonehenge und Contraszt Records fanden die Songs aber zu gut, als sie in der Gruft des Crust vermodern zu lassen! Zu recht! Geboten wird schnörkelloser Anarcho-D-Beat mit viel Melodie - nicht unweit von Ekkaia und Madame Germen! Das ganze ist auch noch eine Soli-Platte für das Print-Kollektiv IRRINTZI! Kommt in einem wunderschönen Siebdruck-Cover plus einem richtig schönen und fetten Booklet!

    For some this record might sound as a relict from the past, but it's still so very intense and powerful. It's out of a time when a lot of great bands from spain/basque/galicia like EKKAIA, MADAME GERMEN, ICTUS… had a huge impact on the european HC/Punk/Crust Scene.

    I know the recordings since years now and i am still so very much blown away every time i hear them! Originally this was planned as a 10" of ASFIXIA about 5 years ago, but they sadly decided to call it quits and split up before it was ever got released.

    ASFIXIA from Bilbao/Basque country deliver some very intense & emotional HC/Punk/Crust (whatever you wanna call it!), they had their absolute unique sound with wonderful sweet melodies, abpruptly crushing into anger & despair. Radical, political lyrics dealing with the cruelty of mankind & the major impact of technologies on humankind - very intense and very elaborated - presented by the sharp, screaming vocals of their female singer. At times it reminds me of bands such as ANOMIE or UNHINGED. ANNUNAKI REVENGE also from the basque country - unleash six songs on this split lp. Midtempo Crustpunk that managed to create an thoughtful atmosphere through the space it leaves for intense and direct guitar riffing and melodies, backed up by the right amount of D-Beat drumming and lyrics presented mostly in basque language.

    This record is a benefit record for an anarchist printing collective called IRRINTZI, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz / Basque country.

    It comes in a really beautiful screenprinted, three colored cardboard cover and along with a thick 20 page booklet with lyrics, translations and long explanations to all songs. You can definitely see, feel and hear that this record is more than just a piece of music. It's about D.I.Y., ideals, friendship and passion! I can not point out often enough, how fucking happy i am to be able to release this record - finally!

    Asfixia / Annunaki Revenge (ArtNr -)

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  • Attack Disarm takeover LP S/T

    Attack Disarm Takeover LP 6,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Sehr schön fett gespielter HC/Punk aus den Staaten. Mal brachial, mal tragisch, mal melodisch und zwischendrin ein kleines Flitze-Finger-Solo. Erinnert sehr sehr angenehm an Bands wie Poiso Idea o.ä.

    Great HC/Punk in the vein of Poison Idea. (ArtNr -)

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  • Axt / Bluthuf EP Split

    Axt-Bluthuf EP Split 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    AXT – Grindcore HC from Neubrandenburg, Germany. After two split 7”´s with FUBAR and WHAT IF GODS LIE comes now a 3rd split 7” from AXT. Raging, dirty Hardcore with some Grindcore influences that bring the power you will like. 6 short and fast songs in 6 min. In 2011 they were on Germany tour with THE HORROR.

    BLUTHUF have their first 3 songs on vinyl. Playtime is around 8 min. So, no Grindcore. You will hear fast Hard-/ Crustcore. A new band from Berlin / Prenzlau with old men that you will know. 2 guys from AUTORITÄR and 2 guys from EGAL with the singer from LASY MAN´S LOAD. 3 different songs in the same sound and great recordings. The first one is fast and kind of chaotic with smashing breaks in the middle but still Crustcore. The 2nd have danceable rhythms for pogo or circle pit. The 3rd is furious HC with a slow part and dueling guitars on the end. Lyrics in German.


    (ArtNr -)

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