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  • Bad Taste Paranoia / Ben Bloodygrave EP Split

    Bad_Taste_Paranoia_Ben_Bloodygrave_EP_Split 5,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Multi-Instrumentalist Erich (Bass bei Dividing Lines und Jöey Clash, Schlagzeug bei Nasty Pack und Lethargie, Gitarre bei Fireaaamd) hat ein kleines Solo-Projekt gestartet und verbindet geschickt Elektro-Punk mit Dark Wave. Fliehende Stürme meets Elektrobeats! Dazu gesellt sich mit Ben Bloodygrave ein nicht ganz unbekannter Künstler der Szene. Die EP entstand in Vorbereitung auf die anstehende Tour von Dividing Lines und Ben.

    Bad Taste Paranoia

    Ben Bloodygrave (ArtNr -)

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  • Besthöven / Dis-K 47 EP Split

    no pic 4,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Brasilien meets Czech Republic. Zwei mal ordentliches D-Beat-Geballer, das seines Gleichen sucht!

    Dis K-47 (ArtNr -)

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  • Black Code / Lust for death EP Split

    Black Code - Lust for death EP Split 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    2 x französischer Metal/Crust!

    Black Code (ArtNr -)

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  • Black Everest EP ''Demo''

    Black Everest EP Demo 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Aus Hamburg, Berlin und Oldenburg reisen die Jungs zur Probe an. Dabei fabrizieren sie einen Sound, der in der Mitte von Hardcore, Postrock, Screamo und Crust (?) liegt. Mit Synthesizer.

    Somewhere between Hardcore, Screamo but also Post-Rock and Crust this demo 7" is to class in. Extremely powerful, yet playful and not too fiddly. In between a synthesizer provides a kind of epic atmosphere. (Almost feels like a surrounding spaceship). The four guys from Berlin, Hamburg and Oldenburg manage the balancing act between hard and fast parts and moodful melodies. to find a specific classification is difficult - a too wide-ranging musical spectrum had obviously influence on the five songs. If you cant imagine this, you should get this record and make your own impression. (ArtNr -)

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  • Blckwvs / I not dance EP Split

    Blckwvs - I not dance EP Split 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Das österreichische Post-Hardcore-Trio von I not dance hat sich hier mit den Blckwvs zusammen getan und gemeinsam eine sehr interessante EP veröffentlicht.

    On this nice platter 2 friendly bands team up. The 7min. long track, by Austrian's post-hardcore trio I NOT DANCE is a small foretaste of the forthcoming full-length. Sounding intense and heavy as always they tried to expand their musical scope while still staying true to their original roots. Breaking with their own troubled past year I NOT DANCE, pays tribute to a close friend and processes his farewell. In any case, how the song came about shows that passion and cohesion always come first and their mates from BLCKWVS would probably agree. German instrumental BLCKWVS developed their own style of instrumental music over the last couple years. From post-rock influenced delay driven guitar work to heavy, dirge and nihilistic sludge and doom infected bulldozer-rock. The track on this split (from the same recording session as their upcoming "0150" full-length) is really dark and heavy, somewhat reminiscent of really droney and heavy CULT OF LUNA and ISIS. Instead of altering those heavy parts with quiet parts like the aforementioned bands, BLCKWVS decides to strictly play those dark and heavy riffs throughout the song. This really differs from the sound of lots of bands. Vinyl comes with beautiful fold-out cover-packaging and includes a digital download card.

    I not dance (ArtNr -)

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  • Boiling Point Flexi 7'' ''Trash the Railroad''

    Boiling Point EP Flexi Trash the Railroad 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    punk hardcore punk oldschool punk thrash thrashcore from Slovakia - das trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf, dazu noch das Format. Was gibt es schöneres?

    Boiling Point (ArtNr -)

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  • Bombstrike EP "Livets laga slocknar"

    no pic 3,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Klassischer Schweden-Crust mit schmaler Metal-Kante. Auch wenn die Platte nicht mehr die neueste ist, enthält sie mehr Energie und Aggressivität als manch heutige Produktion.

    Classic Crust from Sweden with a small Metal-influence. (ArtNr -)

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  • Capsule / Furnace EP Split

    Capsule - Furnace EP Split 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    2010 wurde diese Platte für die gemeinsame Europatour gepresst. Floridas Capsule und Bostons Furnace haben eine feine Platte mit feiner Gitarrenmusik erstellt, die mal frickelig nervös und mal brechend schwer daherkommt.

    Finally repressed and available again in black/blue colored vinyl. To celebrate their friendship and to support their european tour in 2010 Capsule and Furnace team up to share this split 7".

    First of are Capsule from Florida which should be known since their amazing album entitled "blue" on robotic empire records. With "whole grounds" they contribute one song which stands for the developement of this band. Containing ex-members of Kylesa and Torche, they formed an uncomparable sound of heavy music. Impressing guitartunes coupled with passages of delayeffects are only one ingrediant. Without getting boring you´ll notice that parts return and win ground with each runningtime. Carried by surprising accents, dry basslines, an in your subcoscious mind engraving voice and sluggish drumming, this band knows how to write great music.

    Up next are Boston´s forward raging band called Furnace. With "friendly cosmos" and "clumb satellite" they contribute two songs which are blowing away every single doubt you might have, if you thought this band is something like Capsule`s sidekick for this release. This three-piece band wrenches a whole in your ears and knows how to fill it. Absolute forward raging drum- , guitar- and basslines paired with multiple voices are ready to hit your recordplayer and surprises with a wide range of tempi. A really tight style and a brilliant sense to assemble fragments making this band to one of the most underrated ensembles around. (ArtNr -)

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  • Chaos ZZZ EP S/T

    no pic 1,50 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    Chaos ZZZ veröffentlichen hiermit ein schönes Stück Vinyl. Die sympathischen Franzosen zelebrieren einen sympathischen HardcorePunk, der eingängig ist aber nicht schnell langweilig wird.

    HC/Punk from France in the best way. (ArtNr -)

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  • Cloud Rat / Crevasse EP Split

    Cloud Rat / Crevasse EP Split 5,00 Euro (ohne MwSt. gem. §19 UStG)
    US-Grindcore meets Europian Powerviolence! Cloud Rat, bekannt aus Funk und Fernsehen und von zahlreichen Tourneen haben mit ihren Freunden vom Deutsch/Niederländischen Trio um die Finisterre-Sängerin dieses kleine Stück Vinyl fabriziert, um uns Freude zu bereiten.

    Cloud Rat / Crevasse (ArtNr -)

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