• 2:13 pm / Motherfucking / La 6e faute LP ''213v29''

    2:13 pm - Motherfucking - La 6e faute LP 213v29

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    Diese Platte ist das Resultat des Zusammentreffens verschiedener französischer Musiker in einem Proberaum. Sonst spielen sie bei The Austrasian Goat, Death to Pigs oder 2:13 pm. Herausgekommen ist ein sphärisches Ambient-Werk mit Fragmenten verschiedener Metal-Bands wie Anthrax, Metallica oder Megadeath.

    This LP is the result of a programmed meeting with Julien Dupont (MOTHERFUCKING), Julien Louvet (2 :13 PM, THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, DEATH TO PIGS), Eric Duriez (2 :13 PM, PROZACK MAURICE), Gael Moissonnier(MOTHERFUCKING, LA 6e FAUTE) and Samuel Moncharmont (LA 6e FAUTE). This has been recorded on july the 9th, year 2011 in a reahearsal room localized in Ay-sur-Moselle. It probably contains subliminal fragments of ANTHRAX, SLAYER, MEGADETH or METALLICA, who played not so far. Improvisation is an attempt to communicate sensitively. Beyond the verb, we're designing an other spaces, marking out new territories, defining our own rites. Twisting and turning into the addition of our individualities. This is, paradoxically, in the momentary abandon of ourselves that emerge pleasure. This record is a way to document these collusions. Seven fragments from a harnessing which make sense for those who lived it, and for those the purpose is the process.

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Werbung: Tiger Magic LP Crush on you, Werbung: La Casa Fantom "Cut" EP