• Scornthroats LP Misfortune

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    Das ist schwer zu fassen. Metal? D-Beat? Hardcore? Egal! Geht nach vorn und ist einfach nur geil.

    From the metallic hardcore power of its very core, through overwhleming, violent gusts of fevered guitar, as well as its chaotic twists and turns, this isn’t so much “another hardcore record” as a true test of your stamina. “Misfortune” shows a different side to the very same band and finds them finding their balance in chaos. The stormy nature of this new debut full length from Italy’s SCORNTHROATS is just ridiculous, but it’s the band’s more introspective, skillfully juxtaposed atmospheric feel that they really impress.


    Chaotic Hardcore Crust Band based in Italy and Uk. Originally known as “Rise After Defeat”. Touring Europe, playing wild shows and releasing records since 2011. Part of the StrikeDown Conspiracy. We firmly believe in the DIY Philosophy so we sell merch to self finance the band and keep on track touring, recording and releasing our music. We DO NOT TOLERATE any idea connected to: fascism, nazism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and nationalism. NO GODS, NO MASTERS, NO BORDERS.


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Werbung: Resist to Exist 2013, Werbung: Video Plattenvorstellung Trigger - Attack of the mad axeman